All existenting  life is performing  Its  more like the universe connecting than going to watch a performance. 
I’m a performer
Performance is a way to achieve communication and awareness is also a way to discuss and reflect upon  current models of society.
It’s also a way to empower new ways of being, existence and expression.

All I have done in performance is by the impulse of creation and the power of body as a tool of communication

Since 2009, I’ve creating autorship processes that lead me to, my research and art making within the performance art field. 

ALTAR - 2013/2019 

Altar is about “killing the self” (oferenda) - its about to redeem an era of individualism which brought us onto a society , divided between classes, genders and inequalities. Colonialism is not a past fact, even not a fact, it is the implementation of a domination system, which endures and gets power from the current model of economics and politics.
Altar claims for a new revolution of the human body, where the roots of hegemonic thinking can be destroyed in name of a “natural body” - a body natural - “where nature is holy there is no evil, and everything around us is respected” 
London - Berlin - Seoul 


Despite the fact that nudity  is not a statement but a per se - my solo performances bring up themes like, descontruction, awareness and sensitivity to the space, the other and the art object itself -  body 
within “the  performance bar”
Netherlands - Welcome to the Village
Turin - The Others 
Berlin - Berlinerfestspiele 

performermance venues 

Berlinerfestspiele - Palast der Republik - The performance bar -2019
Culture Night - Livestock gallery - Dublin 2018

Deep trash - Escoria - London 2018 - ( clipping )
Welcome to the Village - Leewarden - N.L. 2018
Kunsthalle - Baden Baden - Michael Müller - exhibition
The performance bar - Rotterdam- since 2016
The Others - Artfair -  The performance bar - Turin - 2017
Month of performance - Berlin - 2013/2015
Korea Experimental Art Festival - South Korea 2013
Open Studio - GlogauAIR - Berlin 2012
Open SpacePerformunion - since 2010
International Performance Festivals in Germany - clipping