movement laboratory 



During the process dynamics  and tools are shared amongst  the group, to stimulate the creation of a unity, as a choreographed action. The body is  in relation, to the space, within  the group and  towards the alterity
The laboratory is a place to gather people around a theme: the public space;  as a space for initiatting a process of communication and dialogue to which art is the starting point of a process of various impacts;
the other,
the shared space.
the “ expectating impact” is the substracte of art itself -
empathy, and a body ,that listen further its own needs, embracing the diversity and plurality of our global sharing of joys and concerns; bringing democracy as a fact of actions of occupying, beloging, openning fissures into the space.
the  environment as a part of the living body, that is the city, the sphere, the planet ;
Trespassing the individual towards the collective. Not invanding but creating bridges

in relation,
in conflict,
awareness and reflexion - adressing otherness and the city as a living space. as a space able to transform within the people that impulse the change.

Brazil 2019 - Centro de referencia da Dança


Groningen 2019 - Minerva - Academy of Arts - part of the interdisplicanry courses at the academy with Crossing - movement laboratory

Rotterdam 2018 - Ubik Theatre 

Interview to the Dutch Local TV Channel - programmer of Ubik Theatre