movement laboratory 



The laboratory was subject of two artistic residences and in 2019 is part of the interdisciplinary programm at Minerva Academy  in Holland. 

The lab;  is an attempt to gather people around a theme: the public space as a space for initiatting a process of communication and dialogue to which art is the main content of it;
the “ expectating impact” is the substracte of art itself - openess , listening, solidarity, empathy and a body ,that listen further its own needs, embracing the diversity and plurality of our global sharing of joys and concerns;
the  environment as a part of the living body, that is the city, the sphere, the planet ; 
Trespassing the individual towards the collective.
Still keeping the characteristics of each involvend in the process as its primary impulse.  
The choreography is made in relation, in conflict, awareness and reflexion - adressing otherness and the city as a living space. 

- Programmer of Ubik Theater giving a interview about the proces on the streets of Rotterdam

Travessias ( pdf in portuguese ) 

Centro de Referencia da Dança / Sao Pauo Brasil - 2019

Crossing  Groningen / Minverva Art Academy  - 2019

Crossing / Ubik-Rotterdam - 2018 

Memorial of the living body - Next step into civil action and body movement politics 
as an unfold process of the movement laboratory - It's an ongoing project looking at the value of the life and ways of bringing awareness into the public space. Bringing together a group of 25 people, form various nations, the project will promote an intersection among human rights, civil rights, manifestos and storytelling with performing arts. Translating personal stories into body movement and a space of civil action. The project is planned to start in 2020.