I’m interested to move what is between space our body and the galaxy. What is the distance between bodies, what is happening beyond the gaze?

I’m also inspired by cooking in groups, drawing, singing as a form of communication, opening rooms for discussion and meditation, self-care, and self-esteem awareness.

I’ve been addressing the public sphere in my artistic practice, as a way to enhance collective awareness, joy, and regeneration. I’m seeking an impact in the flesh, in the emotions, and in the appreciation/ cognition of the world. Working with voice, body, territory, decolonisation, queerness, social justice, and (des) empowerment.
Life inspires the most, but it’s not only my own, but it’s also the possibility of moving things around, finding gaps, and empty spaces to be occupied. the possibility to create, to recreate, to bring out. To touch and to open rooms for perhaps new feelings, sensations, and other attributes that make the body belong again to itself - I feel engaged.
my artistic practice is a place of collision not only because I have a performance-based practice -  because I want to meet the individual and the collective simultaneously

It's also a practice where the body as such the embodiment takes a very important role in the creative process, without leaving aside other forms, in which art can be translated and transported to the viewer.. my artistic practice it's looking to touch the intangible.
In my process, I’m trying to achieve a conscious state of performativity, that drags either the audience or participants in a participatory process, to a place of self-awareness, this is not looking at;   it's becoming with. -I think of performance as a movement of emancipation, in which art channels the encounter, where the transformation starts from the inner to the outside.

I’m translating manifestos into performances or vice versa - choreography as a weapon for change. Changes in matters arise from the individual but address the otherness because the confrontation is not fighting, it's getting in contact with others.  I’m seeking a healing process in which body and presence are key to achieving it.

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