2023 Danse Macabre and the Burning of the BUgs - DOCK 11 - FOndsDaku Wiederaufnahme - 
Uferstudio  - 2022 
Scenario and props 


SALTO is a shimmering slow-motion 10-min-rollercoaster of frictions between rocks, skin, saltwater, wind, feathers, fur, moss and concrete.
A single panning movement of the camera circumscribes the dramatically contrasting landscapes of Madeira Island, Portugal. When a human body emerges from the ground in a single dance move, time is removed for a moment before everything melts back into matter. Letting the voices of non-human people resonate, SALTO silently comments on the capitalization of nature for colonial and touristic exploitation.
A FILM BY  Marc Philipp Gabriel
CAST  Tis Aly
CAMERA / SOUND / EDITING  Marc Philipp Gabriel
Duration: 10 mins.
©2020 Marc Philipp Gabriel
For a link to the film please contact marc@marcphilippgabriel.com


TANZAHOi – International Dance & Dance Film Festival 
Pool - International TanzFilmFestival - Berlin -September.

Dance Days Chania – Video Dance
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 the pandemic-stricken olive groves of Puglia, Southern Italy, two human bodies emerge from the trees for a dance of death.
PERFORMANCE Tis Aly & Marc Philipp Gabriel
MUSIC Marc Philipp Gabriel
CAMERA | EDITING Marc Philipp Gabriel
Duration: 1 min
8 JAN 2021 / Premiere at 22. SzólóDuó International Dance Festival / Ork_Kota_Platfrom / Budapest, Hungary
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