In their multimedia research Rastišče endeavor, Tis Aly, Tatiana Kocmur, Liza Šimenc, Urša Rahne, and Eva Mulej undertake an exploration of the intricate features within the fungal microcosm. Their inquiry is focused on Movement, connecting processes of growth and life underground.Mycelium designs a world without apparent rules – a realm of its own. It is a
presence that endures and thrives over time, independent of human intervention. Their research aims to delve into the intricacies of the mycelial network to contemplate social connections that are non-hierarchical in nature. The authors believe that the structure of fungi and mycelial dynamics can be directly applied to interpersonal relationships and the creative process itself. Through introspection, they seek to harmonize their existence with that of Mycelium's.The designated growth area is envisaged as a communal nexus, inviting all participants to partake in the immersive experience—a fertile ground for creative expression and engagement. We acknowledge the symbiotic interplay between authors and audience, viewing it as a mechanism for fostering community cohesion through the dissemination of knowledge and the cultivation of an environment conducive to coexistence and co-creation within the city of Ljubljana.Rastišče is envisioned as a space of discovery of unrehearsed Movements—a manifestation of flourishing environments translated into choreography, visuals, and auditory stimuli.