Draussen Stadt - 2021 -Berlin 

Draussen Stadt- 2022 - Berlin 

The public space puts a challenge  into the art practice - Conviviality- the public space features the art practice - politics .
’ve been adressing the public space as the place that art can gain a new meaning, a new understading about relationship, apprecitation and a locus for creativities and creations, as such a place which arises discussions of  democraticy matters.
The public sphere is also a place for manifest ( actions ) and a stage for issues concerning the commons and individuals concerns and reclaims. Therefore is the place to bring out new ideas and to surrender to participation.


Creabors - it’s a given name for this initiative that gathers artists and audience around the neighbohoord to bring performance art to the public sphere, connecting local and global. In Kreuzberg - Berlin it starterd in communication with shop owners, using the spaces that have been closed for over a year, due to the pandemic. The first edition started in 2021 - May - and creaborsxkreuzberg is not going to stop to get creative ideas into action- 2021.

Pistoletto Foundaion - - collbaration with  Antonio di Biase - during residency - Engaged Art Practice - Post - Pandemic future -  2020/2021

 public actions 
Lisbon 2009 

weight of love / performance in the afternoon 
Lisbon 2010 

CEntro em Movimento - FIA - Formancao INtensiva Acompanhada  - Lisbon/PT  C - 2009/2010

since Brazil 2009 

Brazil - the process called - corporicidadembrionaria - is a methaphor the to bodies born within the city, by its own dynamics and its generated by its own invisibility - the mask is the construction of a new idendity which blurs the vision of the passer by - giving the signal of a stranger in town. risk or curiosity -What does it awakes?