The public space puts a challenge  into the art practice - to make the places spaces of art. 
’ve been adressing the public space as the place that art can gain a new meaning, a new understading about relationship, apprecitation and a locus for creativities and creations. The public sphere is also a place for manifest ( ac tions ) and a stage for issues concerning the commons and individuals concerns and reclaims. Therefore is the place to bring out new ideas and to surrender to participation. 
Nova noiva paisagem - 2006-2009 - was a process of intervention in public spaces, relating  public buildings, places around  the city, and spots of gathering of meaningful context in the city. the centre of Humanity - UFSC - hosted the process letting some parts of the building being covered by vinil adesiv plastic, thus creating parallels between concept and image. 
In Brazil, performances were  made along with Nós - colective,  and in Lisbon - Portugal, between 2009 and 2011.
 public actions 
Lisbon 2009 

weight of love / performance in the afternoon 
Lisbon 2010 

Brazil 2009 

Brazil - the process called - corporicidadembrionaria - is a methaphor the to bodies born within the city, by its own dynamics and its generated by its own invisibility - the mask is the construction of a new idendity which blurs the vision of the passer by - giving the signal of a stranger in town