BIO - ACTS OF LIVING - text in German

Project Description and OPEN CALL

BIO started as a research performance looking at understanding and ways to increase awareness for the current climate crisis and environmental issues in which we are all involved. In this edition, BIO - ACTS OF LIVING, the project wants to make an open call for participating in the exchange of practices of care. Open for people who have practice and focus on those practices as a way to relate to the world, with impacts on micro and macro levels.

BIO - ACTS OF LIVING - The market of Wisdom

Acts call for action. Actions of being in relation, or as a discovery of the presence and the present. Finding practices together where what lies in space is the care for one another towards that space – and its various various dimensions…

This is a call to all that feel the ground and experience the galaxies -  healers in practices, bodies that feel,  awaken plants, healing voices. A market of exchange, a space of gathering. The market of knowledge is a place to share practices of care, learn from one another and find practices that can enhance more awareness towards the main topic of our existence - life and its current and future paths.

We welcome recipes for how to stay sane and how to rebel – practices of today and together for the ones that will come tomorrow.

Practices of the not yet – rescued materiality – non-normative time  – ancestrality – intuition – policies, forced DISPLACEMENT, queerness and politics.

At Uferstudios we will  host a ‘Market of Wisdom’, where an OPEN CALL invites people related to the thematic of care, and people willing to learn more and enter the fields, to submit their proposals and bring joy to the market – we try to host each of your ideas fitting with your choice of medium as much as possible.

Care takers, artists, activists, families, queers, healers, musicians, anti-colonialists and groups of people that  invest in practices of care to heal themselves and systems.

Bring your wisdom to play, to listen to, to talk, to exchange, cooking together, to receive, to spread, to try it out, to use, to reuse, to be aware, to move, to open up, to heal, to perceive, to sense,....

If you use music it has to be unplugged and not too high volume.

If you have ideas, practices, suggestions for modes of sharing, please contact until July 30th.

Send your proposal in text or video. An idea expressed in a few words is enough to make contact with us!

Suitable languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and Turkish.

Location: Uferstudios Berlin (Wedding)
Date: 21st August / from 13 till 21h

The Studio HeizHaus woulbe de avaiable during the event 
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If you would like more information, please read on!

Project Details

What we imagine to be brought to the market

We navigate between the following topics:

#care for the living beings

#care for the soul and elements of nature

#care for the community and the self

We welcome you to bring your own ideas and associate them to one of those three topics!

The market is an invitation to exchange knowledge that strives for life and living beings in its various forms, embracing what our environment is lacking more and more: diversity.

Giving space to enhance the processes of creating, retaining and spreading knowledge, taking each act as an individual and collective impact into the realm.

As an act of care - we host and invite individuals as well as groups to share, opening a venue for exchange of practices of care and procedures for  the preservation of life on Earth.  These can be done through an open conversation,  mediation,  the exchange of recipes, and/ or plants. body therapy and collective learning, as such, dance, massage and sound healing, etc.

Act of resistance  - because we invest in systems of healing and care that do not follow the ongoing logics of marketing and normative forms, accomplishing the soul as an essential part of our process of existing in the world and self-healing.  Resistance is a force in itself - it's a movement contrary to the forces that try to turn it down - though this acts against the normative forces - the supremacist thinking  and other forms of oppression. Grieving together is a way to dismantle the never ending happiness of neo liberal logic.

Act of solidarity - giving, exchanging, retributing, resonating in each other's lives, offering, spreading and enhancing a world with more social justice, an act of liberation carried out by all participants.  It’s also an opportunity to install and give space for other forms of existing, persisting and resisting in the late-capitalism era. Concrete actions will be done in the market, some others will be proposed and depend upon the willingness and openness of the audience to participate in these actions.

We understand solidarity broadly – from food offering to listening to other people's struggles, to connecting activists and people who need their help, enhancing when possible the accessibility of a venue, etc.

What/ where do we want to go?!  What do we want to achieve?
  • A community that cares for itself, for one another and for the environment - not forgetting that humans are only a part of it.  
  • A process which enables this exchange within the art frame, calling for an integrative process
  • Strengthen the immune system by accessing better food options / health care practices and taking this wisdom as a form of resistance
  • Care as a form of rebellion, in these times where it is  needed the most.