Affinity Group - Knowing institutions from within - KIWI -working currently on a solo basis -

Recently conversation with Goethe Institut and their police about Culture Moves Europe - 2024


Happily inviting -  BIPOC QUEERS and people with disabilitis to join the affinity group - Knowing institutions from within - The group is an attempt to bring folks to share their experiences and find ways to deal with institutions and their lack of looking at certain issues  - as such understanding how and whether they have start decolonizing themselves from within.
We will bring to the table themes and issues about dealing (healing) , working along, and infiltrating institutions in the frame of Berlin performing art scene -
The method will be based on sharing and collecting information to create some sort of report from our meetings.

This is a group organized in terms of affinity and to understand how the role of institutions influence our path in the professional field and how we can influence them.
Exchange experiences and views on improvement, dialogue and policies around issues like decolonization, and social justice and how they are addressed to folks like us.
Thus, I would like to share some questions for this group and truly happy to get further considerations and contributions around the topic, like:

-how the idea of community and professionals with common ground  shape the realm of the current system
- What can we do now to change, adapt policies
-What contributions we leave for the next generations -
- What are the responsibilities we are taking to shape a future with more social justice, respect for differences and culturals backgrounds
-How can we improve the communication between institutions and people
-What are the specificity of groups like BIPOC/ CRIP/ QUEERs and have not be listened to - what are the improvements…?!
if you have special requirements, please let me know, I can try to find a way to make it more acessible, or you can suggest one.

Drop a line if you want to participate, contribute, bringing  information that can be useful to the this group and support in policy maknig and legal advice.  (very much appreciated) -
This is a self organized group looking at opening the conversation about issues that concern our life as performance artist and people working around this environment in the city of Berlin - perhaps these examples and discussions can also be used/applied in other contexts.

We have confirmed the dates at Oyoun - April

FHBX - Museum -   May

Pleasure and Leisure Festival - Sopheinsaele - June

12th April  OYOUN - BERLIN  - past event -

17th May - FHBX - Museu - Berlin /  from 15:30Pm - Participation of my friend and lawyer - Frederico Riechel -  Seminar Raum  until 17;30PM - wheelchair acessible

14th June - Leisure and Pleasure - Festival
Sophiensaele - Kantine in collaboration with SAG -
Sickness Affinity Group


This initiative has no funds or financial support  - all the work puted in here is  volunteer - if you want to donate please contact me - every donation will be used for the improvement of it and design of the project.

Easy reading:

What - a group of affinities to gather ideas, to find common grounds and,  ways to start/open/ continue dialogues with  institutions of art  related to politics towards BIPOC, CRIP and QUEER folks.

Why : Because there are topics and points of coherence  that have not  yet been achieved, and we want to get  there in collaboration and continuous dialogue  with those institutions.

How does it work: We gather to share similar stories, exchange, perspectives to the ongoing relationship with those instituions and future interventions. We share a decolonial perspective and other matters in the process of change /dismantling current and historical processes of exclusion / oppression / denying . We seek for ways of mediating and reflecting on what/ how can be done otherwise

To whom - BIPOCS - Crips and Queers -  - Professionals of art, independent artists, lawyers, policy makers, social studies, people working in the fields and on its various branches of it -

For the gathering at Leisure and Pleasure the group will be open for allies, also counting with the presence of the curator Mateus Szymanwka, who will be present at this session.