To introduce my relation with dance first  introducing my statment as an artist:                                                       

Body is a mural of human representation. It’s also the vessel that carry our feelings and sensations. It’s memory and personification. Feelings of belonging and or  rejection image x projection.
To move  bodies is necessary to shape bridges and to erase bprders. 
With my body as a peformance artist mover political  singularity.  
Triving for  emancipation, autonomy, perhaps, fascination, disgust and comotion.
My role as an artist is not to feed the art world is to bring awareness into the space. 
Currently my research is body as it’s ,  poltical, manifesto, and a bridge between the art world and the restless of society.
Also the body is a tool of healing and a facilitation towards overcome social and personal issues. 
The themes are various , among other, democracy at risk, gender issues, empathy  and the relevance of body as a medium of art, and the life as a matter of preservation and respect, anti colonial, environment aware. 
I’ve developed  solo pieces, and worked with many professionals of dance making and choreographers.
I’ve worked myself as a choreographer and along  with different ensembles of musicians, dancers, performers and visual artists.


Solo was a site specific  research with many editions, shaped by time and under circumstances - adapting and changing the places which it has occupied 

Ivo - a monologue - Englishc Theater - Berlin 

solo dance performance : Performing Arts Berlin - Berlin - Germany
Sophiensaele - 100 Gdr - Berlin - Germany
Festival Barness Crossing - Cologne - Germany
Centro em Movimento - Lisbon - Portugal
International Performance Festivals in Germany - clipping

“Ivo” a monologue - English Theater 2016 - Berlin

Cerro Negro - shortmovie -  director : Joao Salaviza  - 2011 - Portugal

Vermelho Vermelho - Florianopolis - Brazil - 2009 AQQ
Lisbon - CEM 
Porto - Nucleo de Experimentacao Coreografica 
Berlin - GlougauAir
Cologne - Barness Crossing