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bio di  versity
Three start points - several implications
Bio is a research in movement. Is a research situated in contemporary times. It’s a solo dance piece, transforming movement into communication. 

Bio is diversity, is a plurality of things inside of a frame that includes, mineral, animal, plants and all sort of things which make life possible. All source of movement and creation by itself.

Bio is  about one and his  trajectory. Something perishable, degradable and ephemeral as life is. Identity is a way to acknowledge the existence of the alterity. Reflex and complexity which  biography brings up feelings, sensorial memories,   along with identification.

Bio is a current brandy, used for a production of goods and food that claim to be a synonym of greater nutrition. It has been turned into a massive industry of goods that damages the environment as the “normal” one.

Art as a point of inflexion - new politics movement

Choreography can express also,  political view, and it turns into  a statement in terms of vision and reflection of  time. Myself, as maker and thinker in the field of dance, claim to dance as a part inclusive in the process of enlargement of views and encounter of plurality to wide the fields of esthetic, philosophy and politics.

Each process of art has an impact within its environment, and the importance of a project, like this research,  is to bring out issues and to impulse the viewer to think, rethink, about bio diversity in social and nature aspects. The goal of this research is to pursue a performance committed with life and it’s procreation in terms of respect and consciousness.  #lifematter 

Spider festival - radical bodies 2020 - Ljubjiana clipping

Plataforma Berlin - a brave post-colonial world - 2019

Plataforma  Berlin - a brave post-colonial world - 2019 - video documentation.

Short - version of BIO - 2019 

Performing Arts Festival - K77 - Berlin 

BIO at k77 - performing arts festival berlin - 2019 - video documentation 

BIO was part of the residence: Earthwise - Denmark - 2018/2019
has received the support of European Cultural Foundation 
attendet to  - summer camp - unidee - Pistolleto foundation: the seeds of the world waiting to germinate -2019