Altar  - is a process started in 2013, first by the invitation of Korean Experimental Arts Festival - under the title - “What’s next”.
The performance is a claim for a resignification of all death and killing promoted during a long and harsh process of colonization. The gun is the symbol of what the colonizer would call the conquer of a new world. Probably the voiceless endemic people, enslaved ones, would call it the  inevitable horror of civilization.
What is used to call “progress” has had its consequence and how to signify it ?!-  The body, my body is given as a sacrifice to construct a new altar - “ where the nature is holy, there is no evil, and everything around us is respected”
Main festivais

KEAF -  SEOUL - 2013


Olobianco - International performance festival - Germany -  clipping _

DEEP TRASH - LONDON 2019 - clipping :

link to the video: