my artistic work is a place of collision not only because I have a performance-based practice  also I want to meet the individual and the collective simultaneously
I’ve been addressing the public sphere into my artistic practice, as a way to enhance collective awareness, joy, and regeneration. I’m seeking an impact in the flesh, in the emotions, and the appreciation/ cognition of the world. Working with voice, body, territory, , decolonization, queerness, justice, and empowerment.
Life inspires the most, but it’s not only my own, but it’s also the possibility of moving things around, finding gaps, and empty spaces to be occupied. the possibility to create, to recreate, to bring out. To touch and to open rooms for perhaps new feelings, sensations, and other attributes that make the body belong again to itself, as for me I feel engaged.
It's also a practice where the body as such the embodiment takes a very important role in the creative process, without leaving aside other forms, in which art can be translated and transported to the viewer.. my artistic practice it's looking to touch the intangible. I’m interested to move what is between space our body and the galaxy. What is the distance between bodies, what is happening beyond the gaze?  I also inspire by  cooking in groups, drawing, singing as a form f communication, opening rooms for discussion and meditation, self-care, and self-esteem awareness
In my process, I’m trying to achieve a conscious state of performativity, that drags either the audience or participants in a participatory process, to a place of self-awareness, this is not looking at  it's becoming with.  I think of performance as a movement of emancipation, in which art channels the encounter, where the transformation starts from the inner to the outside. I’m translating manifestos into performance or vice versa - choreography as a weapon on change. Changes in matters that arise from the individual but address the otherness because the confront is not fighting, it's getting in contact with.  I’m seeking a healing process in which body and presence is the key to achieve it. But not the path. Because it needs more than one to start a process of cure. More than 1 key, more than one person, more than one element for such engagement.



dance research perfomance
             Site specific 
bio di  versity
Three start points - several implications
Bio is a research in movement. Is a research situated in contemporary times. It’s a solo dance piece, transforming movement into communication. 

Bio is diversity, is a plurality of things inside of a frame that includes, mineral, animal, plants and all sort of things which make life possible. All source of movement and creation by itself.

Bio is  about one and his  trajectory. Something perishable, degradable and ephemeral as life is. Identity is a way to acknowledge the existence of the alterity. Reflex and complexity which  biography brings up feelings, sensorial memories,   along with identification.

Bio is a current brandy, used for a production of goods and food that claim to be a synonym of greater nutrition. It has been turned into a massive industry of goods that damages the environment as the “normal” one.

Art as a point of inflexion - new politics movement

Choreography can express also,  political view, and it turns into  a statement in terms of vision and reflection of  time. Myself, as maker and thinker in the field of dance, claim to dance as a part inclusive in the process of enlargement of views and encounter of plurality to wide the fields of esthetic, philosophy and politics.

Each process of art has an impact within its environment, and the importance of a project, like this research,  is to bring out issues and to impulse the viewer to think, rethink, about bio diversity in social and nature aspects. The goal of this research is to pursue a performance committed with life and it’s procreation in terms of respect and consciousness.  #lifematter 

Spider festival - radical bodies 2020 - Ljubjiana 

Plataforma Berlin - a brave post-colonial world - 2019

Plataforma  Berlin - a brave post-colonial world - 2019 - video documentation.

Short - version of BIO - 2019 

Performing Arts Festival - K77 - Berlin 

BIO at k77 - performing arts festival berlin - 2019 - video documentation 

BIO was part of the residence: Earthwise - Denmark - 2018/2019
has received the support of European Cultural Foundation 
attendet to  - summer camp - unidee - Pistolleto foundation: the seeds of the world waiting to germinate -2019


All existenting  life is performing ... Its  more like the universe connecting rather  than going to watch a performance. 
I’m a performer. Performance is a way to achieve communication and awareness is also a way to discuss and reflect upon  current models of society.
It’s also a way to empower new ways of being, existence and expression.

All I have done in performance is by the impulse of creation and the power of body as a tool of communication.

Since 2009, I’ve creating autorship processes that lead me to my research and art making within the performance art field. 

A.I.R. - Absolute in Ruhe -2021
The space and the deep sea are soaked in fluid storms and silence that our auditory system can't grasp.

Silence is seeking for peace or a confrontation of memories and actual feelings...

Is silence a matter of absence?

What is voluntary, what is imposed?

The voices that have been silenced with their life. The voices that spread hatred with their filthy discourses and should keep their mouths shut. The ones which are not heard because their signals and symbols do not support a system of continuous destruction.

For the brave voices that sing their life and scream their manifestos.

We keep silence.

May this be a new form of communication?

We inhabit Tivoli Park as a site for specific performance of silences.

Not seeking for answers. Leaving residual presence in silence.
Inspired by silence

# shades of silence # multitude of silences # perhaps? # finally? # silence resonates # morethanthat # doingotherwise # it’snotametaphor Durational performance - 9 hours - 2021
Spider Festival Performers : Tizo All, Marc Philipp Gabriel Concept: Tizo All

White su (gar) premacy kills - Palast der Republik - Berliner Festspiele - The performance Bar 2019Last performane I’ve done with the performance Bar... -
It was left some white kind light feathers behind ...
the performance as the title suggests talk about the toxicity of white privileges and the unawaress of some white folks about their place of privilege - so as the performance suggests it kills and like sugar kills -
the metaphor is not a coincidence and the performance is just no excuse is to the purposes to provoke a rupture 

Colonial Table - social experiment - a table to gather - a possibility of exchange - nutrition awareness  -digestion problems The performance/social experiment was made first time in 2019 in Funchal - Madeira Island - portuguese territory -
Curiousily at the day of the performance was the 20th celebration of the independency of Macao as a possession of portuguese territory.
So the rules are simply - We can sit, eat ( if there is something offered to eat), in this specific  performance only sugar.
We can talk and listen. No one should speak more than three minutes ( let’s say).
Every one should speak unless the person wants to pass their turn to other person.
We discuss about the issues that are put on the table, in this case colonialism - perhaps decolonisation if we get a certain level of awareness - otherwise we keep talking about current matters of colonization. 
We don’t change the subject and try to focus on the matter which is,  what it is, when and how it was done, has been done and what could be done to repair some damages done through history.

In this specific event we spoke about slavery, and other subjects of matter about the portuguese colonial history. 
we spoke also about Madeira Island and how slavery left not traces behingd according to the official history of/in Maderia Island.  The unfolding of this discussion is quite interesting, and it can be done in any place, with every kind of participants. 

INgredients / how  to prepare the table 

Inform yourself about your own/ other colonial history
Prepare a table/maybe offer some colonial products that can be a good start to talk about the subject 
Establish some rules you think can be worth, for example men doesn’t speak more and longer than women
People can change their seats each round of 10 minutes.
Be aware about common sense, make notes, and let paper and pen/pencil on the table for the other also make note
Raise some important topics like what has be done to:
the earth
to the natives
to the natural resoucers
to the slaves
to the wealth 
to the debits 
What is happening currently to those “ex” colonies about the same topics
What is the inherintance of colonial times.. who get/got what ...?
Maybe the session is recorded!?
Make someone will cry and/or  get angry to one another!?
Don’t get surprise about common sense... try to make it visible to the whole group. 

ALTAR - 2013/2019 

Altar is about “killing the self” (oferenda) - its about to redeem an era of individualism which brought us onto a society  divided between classes, genders and inequalities. Colonialism is not a past fact, even not a fact, it is the implementation of a domination system, which endures and gets empowered from the current model of economics and politics. Altar claims for a  revolution of the human body, where the roots of hegemonic thinking can be destroyed in name of the restoration.  “where nature is holy there is no evil, and everything around us is respected” 
London - Berlin - Seoul .
DEEP TRASH - London - 2018 MONTH OF PERFORMANCE - Berlin - 2015/2016 KEAF  - South Korea/ Seoul-Jeju Island -  2013


Despite the fact that nudity  is not a statement but a per se - my solo performances bring up themes like, decolonization, civil  awareness and sensitivity to the space/, the other and the art as an act of love,  rebellion and healing. 

performermance venues 
Kunsthalle - Ebeltoft - Denmark - 2021 
Berlinerfestspiele - Palast der Republik -
The performance bar -2019
Blast Supper - Aarhus - Denmark - 2018 
Culture Night - Livestock gallery - Dublin 2018

Deep trash - Escoria - London 2018 - clipping 
Welcome to the Village - Leewarden - N.L. 2018
Kunsthalle - Baden Baden - Michael Müller - exhibition
The performance bar - Rotterdam-  2016/2019
The Others - Artfair -  The performance bar - Turin - 2017
Month of performance - Berlin - 2013/2015

Korea Experimental Art Festival - South Korea 2013
Open Studio - GlogauAIR - Berlin 2012
Open SpacePerformunion - since 2010
International Performance Festivals in Germany - clipping


The current and usual politcs in Brazil is a leading path to the Necropolitics. Translated  not only in the daily life of Brazilians but laying under the corruption of ethics and missleading of the population through digital and social skills in accordance with  missionars of neoliberalism (ill). The actual political scenario transform  the law in the  muden waters of Brumadinho or the killing fire in the Amazon florest.  Brasil is a long lasting story of abuses that did not finish yet. Yet we leave a sytem of colony of the uses and abuses of natural and human landscape. Historical and social facts reinforce the structural violence that permeate life in Brazil. The police enforcement reinforce the brutality in the realm - a political weapon.  For that (I’ll) stands for each form that reinforces the participation of the majority on the politics, the peoples on its very plurality, and the creatives forces tha shape a “otherwise” way of narrating a future that starts right now.
The research is based on the three concepts connected to the land brutality ; immensity;exuberance.

Also looking at participatory process the idea of living sculpture and ; sign language to increase acess and accessibility within the arts fields. 

documentation of the residency at victor cordon - lisbon -2021

project kindly supported by 

Fonds Darstellende Künste - takecare-2021 
centro cultural boa vista - Lisbon 
victor cordon studios - Lisbon 
Göethe Institut 


movement laboratory 



During the process dynamics  and tools are shared amongst  the group, to stimulate the creation of a unity, as a choreographed action. The body is  in relation, to the space, within  the group and  towards the alterity
The laboratory is a place to gather people around a theme: the public space;  as a space for initiatting a process of communication and dialogue to which art is the starting point of a process of various impacts;
the other,
the shared space.
the “ expectating impact” is the substracte of art itself -
empathy, and a body ,that listen further its own needs, embracing the diversity and plurality of our global sharing of joys and concerns; bringing democracy as a fact of actions of occupying, beloging, openning fissures into the space.
the  environment as a part of the living body, that is the city, the sphere, the planet ;
Trespassing the individual towards the collective. Not invanding but creating bridges

in relation,
in conflict,
awareness and reflexion - adressing otherness and the city as a living space. as a space able to transform within the people that impulse the change.

Brazil 2019 - Centro de referencia da Dança


Groningen 2019 - Minerva - Academy of Arts 

Rotterdam 2018 - Ubik Theatre 

Interview to the Dutch Local TV Channel - programmer of Ubik Theatre 


The public space puts a challenge  into the art practice - Conviviality.
’ve been adressing the public space as the place that art can gain a new meaning, a new understading about relationship, apprecitation and a locus for creativities and creations, as such a place which arises discussions of  democraticy matters.
The public sphere is also a place for manifest ( actions ) and a stage for issues concerning the commons and individuals concerns and reclaims. Therefore is the place to bring out new ideas and to surrender to participation.

Creabors - it’s a given name for this initiative that gathers artists and audience around the neighbohoord to bring performance art to the public sphere, connecting local and global. In Kreuzberg - Berlin it starterd in communication with shop owners, using the spaces that have been closed for over a year, due to the pandemic. The first edition started in 2021 - May - and creaborsxkreuzberg is not going to stop to get creative ideas into action.

Pistoletto Foundaion - - collb.  Antonio di Biase - during residency - Engaged Art Practice - Post - Pandemic future 

 public actions 
Lisbon 2009 

weight of love / performance in the afternoon 
Lisbon 2010 

since Brazil 2009 

Brazil - the process called - corporicidadembrionaria - is a methaphor the to bodies born within the city, by its own dynamics and its generated by its own invisibility - the mask is the construction of a new idendity which blurs the vision of the passer by - giving the signal of a stranger in town. risk or curiosity -What does it awakes?